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Chicago baritone crooner, Jules Esquire, has a romantic heart. Like his hook-sticky musical predecessors, Nate Dogg and Wanz, Esquire’s voice drips with heartfelt imploring. His is the voice you notice filling the dark dance floor as silver glinting reflections hit and rich colorful lights pan the room. Your feet lead the way. Your hands are on your partner's hips. Love mixes in the air. 


Esquire, who recalls the measured musical calm of the famed singer, David Bowie, offers a sophisticated cadence and tells unusual, heartfelt stories. His tone is something of a spiritual experience. Recently, Esquire has graced the stages of Seattle’s Crocodile Back Bar and Chicago’s Subterranean, Reggie’s Rock Club and the Bud Light Stage at the Taste of Chicago. He is your sonic escort on the less traveled road to euphoria.



DeVon Manier

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