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Seattle based Jaws of Brooklyn formed during the pandemic of 2020 as a basement music project inspired by 60’s garage rock and soul.

Their debut album, The Shoals, produced by Alabama Shakes’ keyboardist and 2024 Grammy award winning producer Ben Tanner was recorded in Florence, Alabama and released in 2022. Spill Magazine said this about the album: “The Shoals embodies the sun-soaked soul and seductive grit while standing at the crossroads where rock and roll and soul converge…. Each listen uncovers a different flourish and musical nuance. Whether it be the perfectly blended soulful croons on “All that is Golden,” the upstroke jangle on “Whose Heart is This,” or the bassline that won’t quit walking in “Sugar Sugar,” it’s a catalog of influence, originality, and unbottled energy.”

With their debut record completed and released in July 2022, The Jaws of Brooklyn, now a 7-piece live act, set about winning the hearts and minds of the Pacific Northwest and beyond with their melodic grooves, punchy vocal harmonies and high-energy performances.  In 2022 and 2023 they played SXSW, The Tractor, Fisherman’s Village, Capitol Hill Block Party, The Sunset, Slim’s, Barboza and many more venues and festivals.

After performing at 2023’s Capitol Hill Block Party the band parted ways with their lead singer Lindsay Love. After a series of auditions, the Jaws of Brooklyn, Dana Dysart on Keys, Bryan Cohen on guitar, Paul Christofferson on bass and Zia Uddin on drums, asked Seattle singer Gretchen Lemon to join the band. With Gretchen in the mix, the band is planning to return to Alabama to record new music in June & start gigging across the PNW in July!



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